Crush boredome, catch color

01 – About

Color is our empowering source

At Colorum, we create products that use colors and design to ignite inner strength and confidence. In our electronic realm, everyone's an individualist. Our devices and accessories we offer empower you to shape your style and express your true self. Dive into our vibrant revolution - Colorum, where the power of saturated colors sparks bold actions.

02 – Smartwatches

Fashion x technology

Colorum breaks boundaries, stepping into the fashion scene as a tech alternative to classic analog watches. It's a smartwatch with a burst of color unlike any other. With Colorum, you're not choosing between style and functionality – you've got it all in one device.

Choose a modern style, get a modern lifestyle

Colorum features are in action, boosting your day with maximum efficiency.

14 sport modes

Staying Fit is Lit! Colorum brings the motivation to achieve your dream fitness and body goals. Pick your favorite workout, set targets, and track your progress like a boss.

Health apps

Colorum takes self-care to the next level in a fresh and modern way, with support from smartwatch apps.

Waterproof champ

With an IP68 waterproof rating, Colorum is a real tough one. It can handle even a spontaneous water dip without a worry.

Toolkit of handy features

Make your life modern. Step into the future with a collection of dynamic functions, purpose-built for the demands of today.

Menstrual cycle
Sedentary reminder
Music control
04 – Coming soon

Lead the vibes

Level up your style game and tap into fresh energy – Catch an exclusive sneak peek of our upcoming drops in the Colorum lineup!